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Global Total

According to the United Nations Environment Programme May 2002 GEO-3 Report,

"The planet is at a crucial cross-roads with the choices made today critical for the forests, oceans, rivers, mountains, wildlife and other life support systems upon which current and future generations depend".

Global Environment Outlook (GEO-3) is the most authoritative assessment ever of the environmental crisis facing humanity in the
new millennium.

Based on contributions from UN agencies, over 1,000 people and environmental institutes. The report looks at the environmental impacts and development issues of the past 30 years.

The report then presents a current analysis of key environmental issues at global and regional levels and offers four different visions of the future.

GEO-3 also considers human vulnerability and explains how accelerating global change increases threats to our well-being. Reduction in poverty, protection of eco-systems, environmental restoration and good environmental mangement are key to reducing this risk.

For full report visit UNEP at:

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