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Risk Assessment 2

With Health and Safety Risk Assessments, we talk about 'hazards' whereas with Environmental Risk Assessments, we talk about "impacts".


Hazards always have the potential to cause harm. The effects of hazards can only be negative. Hazards risk assessment works out the likelihood and severity of that harm.

Imagine a drink in front of you. Hazards risk assessment asks what is the likelihood of harm that could be caused by ingesting, inhaling or spilling the drink.

Graphic: Drink

Discuss: Do you see 'Hazards' differently from 'Impacts'?


Impacts are the effects of substances or processes on land, air and water (and people). They can be negative or positive.

To assess Environmental Impacts of the drink ask: "where does the tea/coffee/beer, water and china come from and where do the waste products go?"

Graphic: cuppa

Try and make an estimate of risk.

We all have different priorities and will assess risk differently, depending on where we stand.

DEFRA "Environmental Risk Assessment"

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