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One good resource use measuring tool is called "Eco-efficiency". This expresses the efficiency with which ecological resources are used to meet human needs. The word recognises that eco-efficient practices can feed right through to the bottom line.

Business is implementing eco-efficiency on four levels:

Eco-efficient processes. Making resource savings and reducing risk or impact in processes

By-Product Synergy means cooperating with neighbours and partner companies to make wastes and by-products into valuable alternative resources - part of industrial ecology.

Creating new and better products. Creating products and services following ecological design rules.

Eco-efficient markets. Eco efficiency "de-links growth of welfare from use of nature". This means more value with less impact for the entire economy.

The main proponent of eco-efficiency is the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Check out their web page:

graphic animation: Web Page Link http://www.wbcsd.ch

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