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Principles of Environmental Protection - Process2

Particular aspects of resource use focus on energy andwater. Energy Efficiency improves use of energy, while Water Control requires more control over the flow.

The Waste Hierarchy looks at what comes out of the process as the starting point for improving environmental impacts.

Environmental Management deals more with the organisational aspects and Environmental Conservation deals with the outside and tries to make the environment better for all.

Eco-Design starts by looking at the product and applies good environmental practices at the earliest stage.

All the principles of environmental protection encourage using less while producing better products.

Some of the principles look to nature as providing the answer the great challenge of improving both efficiency and quality at the same time.

Some emphasise technical aspects (e.g. Cleaner Production), some economic aspects (e.g Energy Efficiency), some social aspects (e.g Environmental Management) and some are more earthly (e.g Environmental Conservation).

These are here to inform you of the sort of environmental practices you can carry out to improve environmental protection.

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