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Waste Hierarchy - 2


The best way to reduce waste is not create it in the first place. Reduced raw materials usage prevents wastage and reduces the indirect effects of extraction. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is used in quality systems to reduce waste at source. SPC checks how the variation in your production. It helps keep production within the required specifications.

One Japanese quality guru stated that "there is no such thing as waste - only lost resources"


Re-use of many everyday items is taken for granted. The re-use of milk bottles has long been part of many households. With the decline in daily delivery, re-use has diminished. Re-usable beer bottles are being phased out, shifting the burden for disposal on to the local authority. Re-use has its costs. There is the expense of return, cleansing and refilling bottles and also transport.

Waste Brokerage

graphic: items we re-use every day

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