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Water Control

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

It may sound strange that with more flooding we need to better conserve water. All water used in the UK, whether for washing up, for the toilet, washing cars or any number of industrial processes uses water that is drinking water quality.

Compare that with many parts of the world, where millions of people are suffering because they do not get access to fresh potable drinking water.

The environmental principle Water Control relate to better understanding of the water cycle.

graphic: GM Free Food

We need to control quality, use and flow of water. This involves:

  • Preventing pollution, safe-guarding supplies.
  • Choice of water - whether to use potable or grey water.
  • Conserving water, by reducing leaks and wastage.
  • Managing flow, to develop equity in supplies.
Environmental Conservation measures can help to secure supplies of water. More trees and better use of plants help to prevent flash flooding, caused by the increased use of tarmac/concrete preventing excess water being absorbed.

Examples of better water control include using "Grey Water", Porous Cities, and Less bottled water.

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