EMS Organisation  

This online EMS Drag & Drop aims to:

Task 1

Name your workplace here

Picture this page as your workplace, with various people working at different levels - down side.
Use your mouse to drag each of the images around the screen. Then click to place the icon.
Put them to show how the various functions for controlling risk relate with each other.

Level 4

Each of these functions relate with Environmental Management functions

policy OrganisePlan / Implement
Explain the lawReviewAudit

Spotting Specific training circumstancesEvaluate Control Measures Measure Performance

Factors that make PrioritiesCommunicate OutsideConsult with Employee Representatives

Level 3

Each of these functions relate with supervisors, employee representatives, and skilled workers who:

Level 2

Each of these functions relate with supervised workers (Level 2)

Co-operate Control Measures Check Measures
Recognise where specific standards, Recognising Specific Training needs

Task 2

Choose two of the graphics and explain briefly in the text box below how you have placed them in relation to each other.

Repeat twice, with graphics from different levels.

Task 3

Discuss your explanations with colleagues at work to see if they agree with your arrangement

These Learning Outcomes are for the various levels of the VR Qualifications for H&S determined by the Awarding Bodies and QCA. We have translated from a legal framework to voluntary setup and changed "hazards" for "impacts".

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