Environmental Awareness
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This OCNW qualification is for Level 4 (& 3) people to demonstrate level 2 competences. You may wish to demonstrate competences

- level 4 Managers
- level 3 Advanced.

The Certificate in Developing Environmental Awareness provides the knowledge and skills for:


  • Enact their environment management system
  • Introduce or implement environmentally friendly practices
  • Train those working in environmental 'awareness'


  • Learn about environmental issues
  • React with environment management system
  • Help implement environmentally friendly practices
This e-Guide helps:
Your Organisation:
  • Enact an environmental policy and system
  • Introduce and implement environmental friendly practices
  • Develop environmental awareness about key environmental issues that face your organisation
  • Comply with relevant legislation
  • reduce costs related to use of resources

This online DEA Guide will help your organisation develop a system to improve environmental control., whether through a formal management standard such as ISO 14001 or a less formal.

Throughout you will find: "The importance of health and safety pervade both the mandatory and optional units."
(see how H&S Risk Assessment can guide Environmental Risk Assessment)


The e-Guide expands on the qualification's Learning Outcomes (LOs) and What To Do (TDs) - see left hand navigation, and points you in the direction to find out more and what you need to do.

This online Guide takes you on a trip to Develop your Environmental Awareness , when you can then help "introduce or implement environmentally friendly practices into your organisation". You will tackle each of the key issues - energy, waste, water, transport, and pollution.

This e-Guide can help individual learners, or tutors and facilitators by spelling out the issues, linking with sources of relevant information, indicating ways to implement environmental practices, and finding ways to improve on present emvironmental impacts.

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This is our DEA online learning support materials. We are going to produce a SCORM compliant DEA e-programme for learners to work online. Contact us (info@epaw.co.uk)  if you want to:
  • Customise this for your own organisation (with links to your own policy etc)
  • Purchase CD version
  • Link up to online databases (link) to collect information about assessment and electronic portfolios.
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