Levers for Health and Safety Qualifications in Agriculture...

Report from Meeting January 25 2005

Things are going to start moving quite fast as there is a real intent to get these agricultural health and safety vocational qualifications into (10 agric) colleges and other pilots for autumn - at least for levels 2 (all staff) and 3 (autonomous workers). Management (4) is slower.

There are a number of levers to promote the qualifications being developed and delivered including

1. Home Office interested in SAWS operators who manage 15- 25,000 exchange students in farming. It may be that both they and their placements have to have one or other of the qualifications

2. Possible inclusion as part of license in Gangmasters Bill. It may be that gangmasters have to have one of the manager's qualificaiton.

3. Modern Apprenticeships may have to include in future.

4. Possible "Skills Passport" like used in construction industry for mobile labour

4. Partnership agreement between HSE and national Learning and Skills Council and the first presentation of this partnership will be these qualifications in early Feb.

5. Major retailer (ASDA) piloting to demonstrate commitment to Ethical Trading Initiative. Not sure of TU involvement?

6. What about Learning Reps?

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