Risk Assessment... under development

We want to develop a new Risk Assessment Programme that will provide online learning materials to help you to demonstrate you are competent to carry out a risk assessment.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 state that an employer: "shall appoint competent persons to assist him (sic) in undertaking the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed on him by or under the relevant statutory provisions". (7,1)

How can you demonstrate you are "competent"?

The law is vague: "a person shall be regarded as competent where he has sufficient training and experience or knowledge or other qualities to enable him to properly assist in undertaking the measures." (7,5)

The Employment National Training Organisation have produced National Occupational Standards (NOSs) on Health and Safety for people at work outlining what they need to do to demonstrate competence in developing a health and safety culture.

An example of the range of skills involved includes one Unit (G) which outlines how to "Conduct an assessment of risks in the workplace."

There are now 2 Awarding Bodies offering a qualification based on these NOSs:
1 Oxford Cambridge & RSA

2. EAL (EMTA Awards Ltd) who also "certificate" each of the units separately - e.g how to conduct out a risk assessment.

The EP@W Risk Assessment Programme will develop the HSE document "Five Steps to Risk Assessment" (their No 2 best seller) into a activity based e-learning programme for people at work to help provide the evidence for the requirements of Unit G.

There will be a level 3 VQ accredited in mid 2005. in risk assessment for farm employees.

Until we have more news, try the HSE Risk Assessment Tool for Farms.

Find out what farmworkers are doing to adapt the NOSs on H&S for land-based business.

Contact us to find out progress and if you want to develop e-learning support.

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