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UK Sterling pounds: £15.99
Euros: 24 EUR
United States Dollars: 29 USD

Email for payment options info@epaw.co.uk

Sustainable Food Awareness - short interactive programme (2006 Pricing Structure to be announced soon)

Contact us to discuss further options and your requirements:

Talk to our Learning Advisor, Nancy Thompson on tel: +44(0)1254 381289

Email us at info@epaw.co.uk

Write to us at EPAW Publishing Co Ltd, 32 Milton Street, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, BB5 3LZ, UK

All prices are GB pounds sterling and subject to VAT at the current rate

Costs are single only payments unless otherwise stated

On-line hosting within http://www.sustainablefood.com is included unless otherwise stated

Availability subject to client’s customisation requirements. ( generally 2-4 weeks)

Prices current at February 2006, annual licence fees held for 12 months

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