2005 Edition of EASE  
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grapic:screengrab 2005 edition EASE: 2005 Edition updated to:
  • Conform to new requirements of ISO 14001:2004 Edition (Dec 2004)
  • Addition of online support in terms of:
    'Guide for Trainers',
    'Tips for Managers' and
    'Advanced Activities' for key workers.

Have a look at this new EASE 2005 version. If you want CD's of this to be able to distribute at work, please go to our shop on EBay

We are in the process of developing this version of EASE so that you can count participants, measure progress and provide more feedback. It will involve 'flash' elements and data management.

To find out more about the latest development, and if you would like to be part of the development process, please contact us.

One of the new requirements for ISO 14001 is to carry out an Environmental Training Needs Analysis (ETNA). Make a start with our basic ETNA.

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