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EP@W e-quizes and games educate about the environment in an entertaining e-way. You can try each quiz/game out on your own. You can try them over and over again. And you can race your friends. These games and quizes can also start group discussions.

Environment and Organisation

You may hear people saying that what is needed is a good "environmental culture" in the organisation. Check out your organinsation with our Attitude quiz

Environmental Awareness

Start with a "millionaire" style quiz about environmental matters at work.
Click Environmental Awareness Quiz.

Environmental Practitioner Programme

Environmental Terms

One difficulty people have with environmental management systems is the use of the words "Aspects" and Impacts". You can play the "Drag and Drop" game until you are confident. You allocate various environmental matters into "impacts", "aspects" or "activities" by placing them in the appropriate column. (this only works with explorer browser -not mozilla)


There is more concern about our food - how it is made and where it comes from. Sustainable Food is a new idea. You may want to find out more about the issues involved..

or our Drag n Drop Meal

Does CAP make us fat?

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Quiz

Health & Safety Functions at work

Pesticide Quiz

Carbon Cycle

If you want to find out more about the one of life's key processes, you may like to try your hand with the Carbon Cycle Game. This asks you to place a range of terms associated with carbon in the appropriate place in the cycle. Click chimney (it takes a bit of time to load fully and only works in explorer)

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