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Environmental practices are those work practices that contribute to protecting the environment. Environmental practices may reduce negative environmental impacts (e.g cleaner production) or improve positive impacts (e.g. environmental conservation).

In past units, you examined aspects of work which create the environmental impacts. In this unit you implement practices you have some control over. You may not be sure how much control, and will
need to discuss with
others what you can do.

Lets see how you can do it.

It is first useful to look at the 'environmental principles' that people have developed. Many people, industrialists, scientists, academics, trade union and non-governmental organisations have all been involved in developing these environmental principles.

These people have looked at ways to control the environmental impacts of work. Depending on where they stand, these people see and assess what can be done, according to their particular view.

By recognising the key features of each 'environmental principle' you can get all sorts of ideas for things you can do to help contribute.

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