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Environmental Awareness Implementation

Environmental Management
Two thirds of companies, asked in a recent survey (details?) said that they "went beyond the law" where environmental matters are concerned.

Environmental management offers a coherent and consistent way for organisations to deal witih environmental issues. By using a management system, especially one to international standards, organisations can handle a range of complex but interwined issues in the same way. Whether it is noise, chemcial, energy, waste or whatever, your organisation can deal with the issues in a cosnsistant manner. This is based on classic quality systems by first reviewing existing state of affairs, posting a policy, setting targets and then monitoring and auditing results.

By using an international standard, other organisations can appreciate what your organisation does. Some purchasers now make such a system a compulsory requirement for supply.

Over 5000 UK companies have achieved ISO 14001, while less than 400 have joined the EU EMAS - complete worldwide figures.


ISO 14001 follows a logical system, based on a cycle of plan, implement, check and review.
Management organise activities in a systematic way to improve environmental performance.

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Initial Review

The Organisation starts by reviewing the current situation.

The Review

  • Identifies all operations and their environmental impacts
  • Finds out applicable environmental laws
One of the first requirements of any EMS is to make an environmental policy (how to write), whihch provides the foundation of environmental improvements in your organisation. Do you know if your organisation has an environmental policy? And if not, where would you go to find out?

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