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Guide to Unit 3

In Unit 2 you recognised and assessed the environmental impacts of your workplace. Now you are going to do something about those impacts. The main aim of this Unit is to carry out improvements in environmental practice at work. You will be guided through the various steps to take to prepare and carry out practices that reduce environmental impacts.

This Unit should take about about a month to complete allowing 4-5 hrs per week. Allow several hours to read through all the materials and follow up the various web sites.

You will find out how various environmental principles are applied to reducing environmental impacts. You will be asked to turn these environmental principles into environmental practices.

First you will look to see if your organisation has made any environmental improvements already that correspond to any of the nine environmental principles.

You may have picked up some principles in your Plantmark of Unit 2, or you may have identified improvements elsewhere, e.g. starting a waste minimisation system.

You will be asked to analyse how these principles are being used to reduce environmental impacts.

You will decide which of the nine environmental principles you want to promote and explain why.

This will help you to use chosen principles and apply them by creating environmental practices for reducing impacts.

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