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There is a famous phrase "Think Global Act Local". This has lead to many people acting individually to try to their own bit for the environment. Buy a green product and that does something.

Working within an organisation enables you to do much more. Getting your company to change its buying habits can change things much quicker. You can influence priorities and policies, and the organisation can go and influence somebody else. You could do it through your company, union or other appropriate body.

Other Demands

Environmental change can bring in new cultures as much as it may make environmental improvements. By working together people create a great deal of wealth from changing the world. By changing ourselves we may be able to change the ways of the world.

You should now have a better awareness of the major environmental impacts, the role of work organisations in creating those impacts and the possible drivers for change in environmental practice @ work . Now you need to assess the possible impacts of your work in order to help determine priorities for action.

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