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Organisation - 3
  1. Quality systems were introduced widely in the 1980s. Quality systems started by establishing statistical process control (SPC) to ensure that more of their output fitted specified requirements. For many companies, it became more than just conforming to standards and systems and became total quality management as customer pressures prompted complete re-organisation. They talked of being "lean and mean" and encouraged workers to make more decisions, often through team working. Some now say they want to be lean, mean and green.
graphic: TQEM

Clearly, the developments could come through any, or all, of these routes. Environment initiatives may also come about as separate moves - for instance, setting up an Environmental Action Team - or they may be incorporated throughout management into accounting and human resource management. Good environmental performance is similar to many good management practices, as both require efficiency.

It depends on the culture of your company as to where environmental improvements will develop. All organisations are different, from company to company, from plant to plant. There is no one golden way to make environmental improvements. You will need to fit with the prevailing culture. You will make use of this in Unit 3.

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