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The word hazard is used in health and safety. A hazard is the property or situation that in particular circumstances could lead to harm.

Harm is defined as " harm to the health of living organism or other interference with ecological systems".
Hazards cause harm. Hazards usually describe events leading to human damage.

Different words are used in environmental risk assessment. "Impacts" replace "hazards". Unlike hazards, impacts may be beneficial or harmful. You can use impacts or hazards to work out the risk. You can usually substitute the word "impacts" for "hazards".

Impacts are harder to trace than "hazards", because everything is interconnected. There is a chain of impacts, some of the chain may be thousands of miles away.

Direct Impacts
Indirect Impacts - General
Raw Materials
(minerals, wood, metal, others)
Energy (details)
Waste (details)
Food (details)


"A risk a day helps keep your fears away"

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