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Indirect Impacts - 4 Transportation

Transport has had a dramatic effect on our lives. Mass transport has allowed people to live further from their place of work and expanded our personal freedom. Owning a car is now accepted as an essential part of some of our lives.

Transport is also responsible for urban sprawl. transport systems such as underground railways, trams, railways, and buses, created the word 'suburb'.

If present trends continue, motorists in America will spend on average 2 years of their lifetime sat in traffic jams.


The car is one of the heaviest users of fossil fuel.

It is one of the major contributors to poor air quality within our towns and cities, the main cause of increased respiratory ailments, heart disease and cancer.

The annual loss of life from motor accidents is approximately 60,000.

Then there is all the land that is used to dig up the minerals to provide the roads, which also take up more and more space and blight more rural areas.

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