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UK Environmental Law - BREF

BREF The IPPC Directive requires member states to exchange information on BAT. The Commission publishes BAT Reference documents popularly called brEF notes. These are not be binding requirements, but direct member states to their own definition of BAT.

BREF notes guide member states to produce required standards and BAT for individual sectors. The standards will be for both new and existing installations and will contain timetables for upgrading existing installations.


Domestic guidance notes will be updated from time to time. Operators and regulators should refer directly to the relevant BREF notes when there is no domestic guidance available. Where the BREF contains clear performance standards, an operator will have to justify any proposed deviation from them.

If neither a BREF note nor domestic guidance has been published operators and regulators will have to assess BAT based on other sources of data, including guidance from previous regulatory regimes.

For details of the BREF for your sector go to:

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