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UK Environmental Law - 2

This unified control reflects the change in environment law which seeks to integrate the controls of pollution (IPC).

IPC covers emissions to land, air and water of the most complex and polluting companies.

IPC aims to stop companies switching discharges from water to air, or to land, but integrate the pollution control systems into the environmental media.

The EA ensures that operators have regard to the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO). The BPEO is the disposal or dispersal with the lowest environmental impact in the long term.

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In order to operate, companies covered by the regulations must gain authorisation from the EA.

Such companies must show that they use the Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC).

BATNEEC strikes a balance between the best available technology and management techniques with what the sector can generally afford.

Companies must show that they use BATNEEC to minimise their emissions and should use BREF Notes to do so.

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