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UK Environmental Law - Water



The Water Resources Act 1991 seeks to maintain and improve the quality of controlled waters - lakes, rivers, ponds, groundwater and territorial seas.

The physical and chemical parameters that the UK measures include temperature, dissolved oxygen, Ph, suspended solids, BOD , phosphorus, nitrates, phenolic substances, ammonia, zinc, and copper.

Water Quality Objectives

You cannot allow polluting matter or solid waste to enter controlled waters. You cannot discharge anything other than rainwater to surface water drains, without the consent of the EA.

Companies wishing to discharge effluent to sewer must obtain and pay for a consent from the local sewerage undertaker, according to the Water Industry Act 1991.

The Environment Act 1995 places new duties on water undertakers to promote the efficient use of water by its customers, and on sewage undertakers to provide first time sewerage connection.

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