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Welcome to the world of Environmental Practice. The Environmental Practice @ Work Programme aims to provide people at work with all they need to know and do to reduce impacts of work on the environment.

You can use these extensive web materials to dip in and find what you want. You can also use them to follow the whole environmental learning process.

At EPaW, we recognise that getting "all you need to know" about the environment to you at work is a tall order. It requires you to have some basic IT skills to find your way round. Hopefully you will be rewarded by becoming involved in all sorts of issues and debates that you could not otherwise access and be able to make a positive contribution towards the environment.

Environmental Practice at Work uses the new ability of the web to deliver into workplaces to encourage people to do real things - and thereby learn from the experience.

To make what we do at work real and consistent, the e-learning materials are based on competences that are based, where possible, on UK training standards.

With every workplace different, it is important to have a consistency of approach. Whether you work with waste, energy, water conservation or pollution there are underlying principles of good practice.

This explains why you find an emphasis throughout these materials of putting into practice the principles of environmental practice at work.

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