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  Corporate Social Responsibility...

We are aware of the developments in Corporate Social Responsibility (e.g EU & UNDP 2007). The UK government considers is business' contribution to sustainability.
e.g. we have been involved with drawing up some of the sustainbility standards (H&S statistics) that the Global Reporting Initiative is developing.

We wish to go further and develop online guides that employees anywhere can use to work out what they CAN DO to help promote sustainability. We believe that the Standards for Sustainability that the IFC part of the World Bank have set offer a very comprehensive and active structure for doing this.

So, we have used the World Bank standards to produce an online programme CSR Planner. We have discussed this first draft with IFC who agree with its further development - provided we make it clearer what they say and what we say.

Learning Outcomes
CSR Planner offers people and organisations throughout the world the way to:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to Social Responsibility
  • Work to worldwide standards of performance
  • Produce Action Plans

We will customise, colourise or 'culturise' the information in this programme to meet your specific requirements.

PS...We also believe that those corporates that are acting irresponsibly should be given a CASBO - a Corporate Anti Social Behavioural Order.