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 Environmental Practice - Workplace Skills...

Workplace skills are what you need to be able to carry out various work functions and activities.

What you need to do is determined by existing systems at work. In particular, new quality management systems spell out what managers can do. From these it is possible to work out what everybody could do to promote healthy, environmental and sustainable organisations. For more see Systems. And how the various Systems (eg ISO 14000 & SA 8000) fit with each other, see Systems, Standards and Sustainability

What people can do at work is determined by UK national standards of competence. These are called National Occupational Standards(NOSs) and are developed by Sector Skills Councils. There are NOSs for health and safety (Test your Health & Safety Awareness - Quiz) which point the way for NOSs for the Environment. See Standards.

graphic: office & environment

The UK government makes both skills enhancement and sustainable development key priorities. There are signs that these two priorities are being joined up. See Strategy

EP@W has mapped where there are existing NOSs and related awards and qualifications related to environmental improvement. See Framework

See how this all fits together go to:
Sustainable Skills Matrix

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