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 Environmental Practice at Work Services...

We provide learning programmes for people to develop the skills to deal with a range of work aspects that impact upon the environment.

We do not deliver training - there is an extensive network of suppliers, including colleges and training providers, to do that. We respond to the "demand side" - by provide learning programmes and comprehensive resources that fit with the existing workplace skills systems. See Learning Content Provision.

We can now produce learning materials to international SCORM standards of e-learning. We can also link any programme with online databases, so that people at work can be entering data, measuring and monitoring a range of environmental and social conditions. People could be "counting carbon" and the results

EP@W has produced a number of reports for various stakeholders outlining what can be done to develop employee competence to help organisations improve their environmental performance.

Our staff have experience in carrying out research - to Masters and Doctorate level. We are interested in being involved with research that demonstrates the benefits of involving people in making environmental improvements.

You can ask us to tailor one of our programmes especially for you, or we will design a Bespoke Programme

graphic check list We have a range of programmes, covering all levels at work and many sustainable issues. However, in early 2007, we are considering what we should develop next.

There is a range of possible programmes, from "Energy Champions" through "Counting Carbon", to "Health Eating". You can see the whole range and enter your suggestions in our database.

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