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Breaking News.....

We launched our new web site "Carbon Counter in Manchester. At the launch we suggested Manchester may be the place to take the lead on carbon reductions - to which one wag said:"after all that is where industrial pollution was invented!".

New Social & Environmental Standards

International Finance Council of the World Bank has laid down standards for social and environmental sustainability. IFC are responsible for investment in private companies round the world. These are the standards companies will need for the future. "IFC intends to increase its ability to help private companies 'do good.'" See our standards & sustainability & draft CSR site.

Environmental Awareness
We produced an online version of the Environmental Awareness Scheme for Employees (EASE) to access anywhere, anytime.  Click for Free trial version of online EASE

Ecological Footpring methodology (pdf) assessment report from DEFRA reviews recent developments in ecological footprinting

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Sustainable Food
The government wants the public sector to use its buying power to deliver 'millions of sustainable meals'. We have an introdutory 'flash' guide to "What is Sustainable Food' and Our site is No 1 when you google "sustainable food".
July 2008 Charlie spoke at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival (Programme pdf) along with Joanna Blythman and Tim Lang, in discussion 'Tolpuddle to Tescos'. Audience photo in Martyrs Marquee - standing room only!

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Sustainable Development
The Sustainable Development Commission has taken over the responsibilities of the SD Education Panel. And the British Standards Insititute have completed Guidance on Managing Sustainable Development (BS 8900). We have developed a table of all the main standards and systems 4 sustainability showing how our e-programmes fit.

Health and Safety
Two Awarding bodies have published vocationally related qualifications for health and safety on farms. EP@W has just completed for LANTRA Awards e-learning support materials (to SCORM compliance standards) for health and safety qualifications at level 3 for all workers in agriculture and horticulture. (Have a look) More in our sister site H&S Practices


We have produced online guides for suppliers to Cooperative Retail and Sainsbury's to reduce the risks of pesticides. We are also developing an e-programme for the International Union of Foodworkers for all levels in their organisation - officers, representatives and members, to reduce pesticide risks.