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Carbon Poll

A recent Mori Poll found the following:

1. Most people thought global warming (36%) / Climate Change (17%) was the main threat to "future wellbeing" of the world.

2. One third knew nothing about climate change

3. Two thirds thought Britain could "make a real difference in stopping global warming".

4. 60% would use their car in the same way even if price of fuel doubled.

Ask a group of your colleagues the same questions and see if the proportion answering correspond to the MORI poll. Discuss the responses.

Ask the same group what they think your organisation should be doing.

Carbon Conundrums

When we start counting carbon, we find a curious mix of results. Ask collegues to look at Conundrums

Then ask then which of the statistics they found most curious - and why.

Carbon Contenders
Many people are trying to do something positive about carbon use & emissions. Here is our asssessement of who is doing what - Carbon Contenders Show your mates and make suggestions as to who you think should be included - and with what score.

Go to our Carbon Counter Site which keeps up to date with carbon developments and has a carbon management Toolkit that fits international standards for reporting.

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