Unit 1: Working Safely

IDevice Icon Learning Outcomes
The single Unit for Level 2 covers:


• The effects accidents and ill health can have on businesses and people
• Your role in the business with regard to health and safety
• How to co-operate with others to improve health and safety
• How your work can affect the health and safety of others
• The consequences of safe versus unsafe behaviour and the impact that has on attitude of others towards risk
• The major sources of accidents and ill health in agriculture/horticulture
• Appropriate measures to control the risks in agriculture/horticulture
• Jobs in agriculture/horticulture which require specific standards of training and competence
• The importance of checking that measures to protect health and safety in agriculture/horticulture are effective, properly maintained and used.
• The particular risks to children and vulnerable adults from agricultural/horticultural activities and the significance of awareness and supervision.

Having achieved this level 2 H&S qualification, you could then try the level 3 qualification (link..)

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