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Guide to Unit 2


At end of this unit you should be able to
  • Evaluate environmental impacts
  • Carry out an environmental risk assessment
  • Help set targets for your organisation
The activities in this unit fit closely with the requirements of recognised environmental management systems, the Eco Management Audit System (EMAS) and the ISO 14001 Environmental management standard. The language in this Unit uses the definitions found in ISO 14001. Don't be put of by the jargon, you will learn more about these as you progress through the course.


The ISO 14001 (4.4.2 (b) standard requires you to be aware of "the significant environmental impacts, actual or potential, of your work activities and the environmental benefits of improved personal performance"

EMAS now promotes continual environmental improvement through the active involvement of employees.

A good environmental manager will involve you all in the implementation of environmental improvements and your organisation's environmental management system. This unit will help you to become more involved with environmental improvements and systems. You will be able to give feedback to your manager of assessments made on the impacts of your work. This will help you participate in setting targets for improved practice in your workplace.

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