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You now have a risk assessment which can be used to determine priorities for the particular action required.

If you were doing the risk assessment for an insurance company you could now set more accurate insurance premiums.

If the risk assessment is part of an environmental management system, it may help set overall targets for the programme of action.

You are going to assess what you can do to improve environmental practice at work. So now you need to assess the feasibility of what can be done in your own organisation.

You are going to produce measures of environmental performance of your organisation.

Some measures you may find are already in existence, some you may have to make.


Quote from physicist, Lord Kelvin:

When you can measure what you are 

speaking about and measure it in 

numbers you know you know something 

about it. When you cannot express 

it in numbers, your knowledge is 

of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind.

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