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Environmental Condition Indicators


ECIs demonstrate the Environmental Condition of your locality.

ECIs measure the condition of land, air or water in the outside environment. They may be calculated to reflect local, regional or national conditions.

The amount of mercury in a local river, lead in the air, or number of brownfield sites in the area, are examples of measurements that indicate the environmental condition.

It may be that somebody else, such as the Local Authority or Environment Agency, measures a part of the environment you are interested in.

Environmental Conditions: Air PopUpFact


Your own company may take measurements of air emissions and discharges, or may be responsible for other local monitoring where processes may directly contribute to the local Environmental condition.


You can use other people's measures, or devise your own, to demonstrate environmental conditions.

You can discuss the contribution, positive or negative, your organisation makes to outside Environmental Condition Indicator (ECI).

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