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Measuring up EPIs

EPIs are recorded in units such as skips of waste generated, litres of water used, tonnes of carbon, BTUs of energy consumed, or hectares of forest harvested.

These multiple variations of environmental performance prevent any one single, universal EPI suiting all organisations.

A power plant would adopt different EPIs than a paper mill. The two companies use different materials, with different environmental impacts, regulated under different laws.

This situation stops achievements at the facility or community level becoming information that is meaningful at larger scales.

Both corporate management and public policy want to find ways to "measure up."

Some agreement on the fundamentals of measuring performance is needed to make comparisons across facilities and industries. By bringing together the measures of environmental performance, we can all feel part of the process of improvement leading to a better world.

In Unit 4 you will find a way of bringing all the impacts together in one measure.

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