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>>original "Complete the following table outlining your Action Plan" - This leads to level 3 roles and responsibilities (ref to WB/IFC doc for where it says that - "Comments")

Step 1 Identify a champion (LEVEL 3 click for more) Enter the name and position of the person who will be responsible for this part of Your Action Plan (link to glossary)



Step 2 Review the present state of affairs.

Enter your Assessment Score:

Enter the priorities for action you have identified:

Select one priority that you are going to action: (eg cease part pay in produce for field workers)

Step 3 Set target for improvement. Make this priority into a target (eg Field workers to be paid in cash according to industry standards).

Enter here and copy into your Action Plan for Continuous Improvement Submission

Completion Date:

Set date to achieve target and when it is checked

Step 4 Achieve your targets. Make a list of the resources you and/or the champion are going to need, any additional assistance you may need and any equipment you may need to use.
List Resources:
1. eg Labour
2. eg Outside support
3. eg Equipment

Divide your target into manageable tasks each with a date for completion. Keep your eye on progress, & check off when completed.

Example Tasks
Enter Your Target Tasks
Complete by:
1. Meet with workers representative.
2. Offer industry standard wage
3.Devise payment record system.
Step 5 Report the outcome.

Enter your target and date of expected achievement in your Submission Record. When all criteria complete, submit to Co-op. You may like to keep copies of all your assessments and detailed plans.

Step 6 Repeat the cycle.

To fulfill the requirement of Criterion 10 - "Continuous Improvement", Re-Assess your operations and set new priorities for Action, then repeat process above.

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Continuous Improvement