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1.Human Resources Policy

2. Working Relationship

3. Working Conditions
and Terms of Employment

4. Workers' Organisations

5. Non-Discrimination
and Equal Opportunity

6. Retrenchment

7. Grievance Mechanism

8. Child Labour

9. Forced Labour

10. Occupational Health
and Safety


Economic growth through employment creation and income generation should be balanced with protection for basic rights of workers.

For any business, the workforce is a valuable asset. A sound worker-management relationship is a key ingredient to the sustainability of the enterprise. Failure to establish and foster a sound worker-management relationship can undermine worker commitment and retention, and jeopardise long term success.

A constructive worker-management relationship, treating workers fairly and providing them with safe and healthy working conditions, may create tangible benefits, such as improved productivity of operations.
Stakeholders are increasingly asking questions about working conditions to ensure that exploitation is not occurring. In order to provide suitable good performance, a good start is to demonstrate compliance with Intenational Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions.
The Conventions are agreed between Nation States, who then ratify them. Once ratified, these countries are then obliged to conform to these standards.
Any company operating in that country should comply with the elements of the relevant Conventions.

Performance Standard 2 aims to:

Establish, maintain and improve the worker-management relationship
Promote the fair treatment, non-discrimination and equal opportunity of workers,
Comply with national labour and employment laws
Protect the workforce by addressing child labour and forced labour
Promote safe and healthy working conditions, and
Protect and promote the health of workers

For each of the ten criteria for PS 2, listed in the left hand navigation, use the generic steps (below) to formulate your plan. First you assess the social aspects, then check out relevant law, set objectives and targets and outline a management programme. You finish with an Action Plan to improve Working Conditions.

Start with Criteria 1: Human Resources Policy.

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